Volume 33 (2006): Language and Linguistics

  • Miscelánea A Journal of English and American Studies


ARTICLES ELIECER CRESPO (University of Alicante)“Sexually explicit euphemism in Martin Amis’s Yellow Dog. Mitigation or offence?” ROBERT DE BEAUGRANDE (Praia de Bessa)“Speech versus writing in the discourse of Linguistics” ALICIA MARTINEZ-FLOR (Jaume I University)“Task effects on EFL learners’ production of suggestions: A focus on elicited phone messages and emails” MARGIT REITBAUER (University of Graz)“Hypertextual information structures and their influence on reading comprehension: an empirical study” PATRICK ZABALBEASCOA (Pompeu Fabra University)“Priorities and Hierarchical Accounts of Translation” REVIEWSJUAN GABRIEL VÁZQUEZ GONZÁLEZDiccionario conceptual de verbos para la donación en Inglés Antiguo (by María Chacón)