Volume 20 (1999)



ARTICLES  JENNIFERBIRKETT (The University of Birmingham) and STAN SMITH (The Nottingham Trent University)“Introduction: Modernism's Comings and Goings” I Context of Modernism STAN SMITH (The Nottingham Trent University)“Lineages of “Modernism”, or, How They Brought the Good News from Nashville to Oxford” CRAIG MONK (The University of Lethbridge, Alberta)“Modernism in Transition: The Expatriate American Magazine in Europe between the Wars” OLGA TAXIDOU (Edinburgh University)“Puppets, Actors and Directors: Edward Gordon Craig and the European Avant-garde” JOHN LUCAS (The Nottingham Trent University)“Modernism in Black and White: American Jazz in Interwar Europe between the Wars” ALASDAIR D. F. MACRAE (Stirling University)“Edwin Muir: One Foot in Europe” PETER BROOKER (University College Northampton)“The Wandering Flâneur, or, Something Lost in Translation” II Authors and Texts  MATTHEW POTOLSKY (University of Utah)“Is There a Swan in this Poem? Yeats and Symbolist Poetics” JEREMY TAMBLING (University of Hong Kong)“Dante in America: Eliot and the Politics of Modernism” JANE GOLDMAN (University of Dundee)“Virginia Woolf and Post-Impressionism: French Art, English Theory, and Feminism Practice” BRIAN COSGROVE (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)“Flaubert, Schlegel, Nietzsche: Joyce and Some European Precursors” VASSILIKI KOLOCOTRONI (University of Glasgow)““Familiar Materials”: Joyce among Europeans” PETER MARKS (University of Sydney)“The Odyssey of D. H. Lawrence: Modernism, Europe and the New World” H. U. SEEBER (University of Stuttgart)“D. H. Lawrence, German Expressionism, and Weberian Formal Rationality” GEOFFREY HARRIS (University of Salford)“Hemingway and Malraux: The Unmanned Virile Fraternity” JENNIFER E. MILLIGAN (Edinburgh University)“Jean Rhys: The French Connection?” TERESA BRUS (University of Wroclaw)“Crying Fire in a Theatre: Auden’s Harlequinades” MICHAEL MURPHY (The Nottingham Trent University)“Auden's Jeremiad: Another Time and Exile from the Just City” CHRIS WIGGINTON (Swansea University)“Quarrelling with the Outside Weathers: Dylan Thomas and Surrealism” MICHAEL COYLE (Colgate University)“The European Radio Broadcasts of T. S. Eliot”